About Us

About us

Európa brókerház Zrt. was established in 2012, with the goal of guiding Hungarian investors in todays twisted offers on the money-market. With broadening our field of operations, we are present on the markets of food and chemicals since 2015 as a youthful and growing company.

Nowadays our main object is to serve our partners with the best quality available, in the quickest way possible, meeting all expectations. We find it important, that our company can serve a great portion of the market, with a constantly expanding and wide range of deals. Our items are from the food industry, household products and chemicals that guarantee the highest possible quality for the consumers.

Our goal is, to be a trustworthy long- term supplier and server of our partners. We hope, that everyone can find the ideal and impeccable product of their choice from our range of offers. We undertake deliveries of orders in the whole of Hungary.

If we managed to arouse your interest, you can connect us with any method found in the 'Contact' option of our webpage. We would be happy to work with you.